Join us for another fun-filled February as we partner with the US Apple Association (USApples) for 28 Days of Apples!

28 Days of Apples is a month-long event that aims to educate individuals on the health benefits of adding apples to their diets. It’s no coincidence that we plan this during American Heart Month- heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and research continues to show that apples can provide many heart-healthy benefits!

We’re challenging you to take care of your heart (and those of your loved ones!) by spending each day enjoying an apple and encouraging friends and family to do the same.  Apples are even more convenient and accessible than a box of chocolates this month—and proven to fight many of the factors that contribute to heart disease.  Now, that’s romantic and smart!

Beyond the heart-healthy benefits that apples provide, multiple studies consistently show that eating an apple – or two – a day can contribute to lower levels of bad cholesterol, weight loss, smaller waistlines, improved circulation and more factors that prevent heart disease.

To help inspire a heart-healthy lifestyle, USApples will be posting 28 essential reminders, research findings and tips on their Facebook page – one for each day in February – to eat at least an apple a day. And to sweeten the deal, there will be lots of opportunities to win fun prizes (like gift boxes of Lady Alice® apples).

Follow the #28DaysofApples hashtag to find informative posts on your favorite social channel, and don’t forget to mark Thursday, February 12 at 7pm CST for the #28DaysofApples Twitter party!