Ralph Zamora

Ellensburg, Wash.

Ralph has been a member of the Rainier family for over 35 years. When he started as a picker in the late 1970s, it never crossed his mind that he might one day manage a ranch for the company. But hard work and dedication have a way of paying off, and Ralph now oversees a complicated, yet highly productive block of prized Honeycrisp apples in Ellensburg, Washington. Even the hilly terrain and windy conditions are no match for his strong faith and proven farming techniques that continually produce some of the finest Honeys in the world.

Favorite way to enjoy the fruit you grow:
I love to eat freshly-picked apples. Sharing that moment with my family is even better.

Where do you see yourself if you weren’t farming:
I can’t even imagine that! Even when I’m old, I’ll still be out in the field.

Fondest farm moment:
I enjoy going out to the orchard and seeing the trees I helped plant. They are now many years into producing fruit, and it feels good to see that growth. I’m as proud of them as I am my own children.


  • Honeycrisp Apples
  • Dark Sweet Cherries